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Your ceremonies have their dedicated space at the Villa Quélude Celebrate your wedding directly at Villa Quélude thanks to this ceremonial place


After you have solicited us for the creation of a ceremonial space, Villa Quélude, dedicated to satisfy your needs, has set up a garden specially designed for this purpose.

The Villa Quélude is happy to put at your disposal this place of ceremony to organize your celebrations.

This space will allow your guests to settle comfortably in a romantic, flowery and wooded setting, while you will go up to the altar by taking the central path paved with white stones. You will be honored throughout the ceremony surrounded by colonnades adorned with cherubs that will bring you happiness.


Do not hesitate to contact us and come and meet us to visit our domain and our ceremonial space.


The most beautiful ceremonies to be held at the Villa Quélude

Take pictures of your ceremony in a splendidly designed environment, at Villa Quélude The romantic setting and the possibility of making your ceremony at Villa Quélude

In a flowery and romantic setting, come and celebrate your ceremony Set up your guests, take the central aisle, you will be honored in this space dedicated to ceremonies

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